Study in Croatia!

Pawel from Poland

I absolutely adore Zagreb in ways I can't even explain!

1. What is the biggest difference between your home country and Croatia?/ What is specific for Croatian culture?

The one thing that I have noticed from the get-go was Croatian hospitality. No matter in which situation I found myself, there was always somebody eager to help me; was it asking for directions, having problems with solving issues at the University or literally whatever else comes to someone's mind. Also the amount of time Croats are willing to spend with a person during a meeting, usually drinking coffee, is just endearing, it really makes you feel appreciated!


2. What was your favourite subject while studying in Zagreb?

From all the subjects I enrolled in, Linguistic and Stylistic Practice (Jezično-stilske vježbe, the practiced language was Croatian) were the most enjoyable, it was all thanks to an outstanding professor, amazing classmates, that really made you feel like you belong, and the atmosphere they created.


3. What was your favourite activity while studying in Zagreb?

I absolutely adore Zagreb in ways I can't even explain! I spent hours daily discovering the city, from reading it's walls (the love I feel for Zagreb's street art is another thing) to learning the history by observing the buildings I passed along the way and looking them up later.


4. What is your favourite memory while studying in Zagreb?

I used to walk home from most of the activities I attended, even if it meant walking for nearly an hour, just to be able to experience the city. My absolute favorite buildings are the Student's Centre (for it's murals and graffiti) and the Meštrović Pavilion (just for the sake of it's pure beauty)!


5. What is your favourite Croatian dish?

The food was also otherworldly, because of the many influences from various countries, it felt as if you were holding entire Europe on a plate! Even the simplest meals were tended to so rightfully that it made for an utterly unforgettable culinary experience. My appetite for Croatian goods is just insatiable and I've tried to recapture the taste ever since. And dear God bless the bakeries in Zagreb, for they are a true miracle-makers!