Study in Croatia!

Mohamed Hafez

Mohamed Hafez, Digital Marketing student from Egypt at Algebra shares his study abroad experience in Croatia

Mohamed Hafez, Digital Marketing student at Algebra describes his study abroad experience:


I just finished the most interesting semester in my life! Luckily I chose Algebra and the city of Zagreb to do my masters studies in Digital Marketing.

The city of Zagreb is a student paradise, the city is full of benefits for students, from transportation to movie theater discounts and many more. Zagreb is a perfect size city, everything you may need you can find near you, the transportation system is perfect, you will always find a ride and everything is on Google maps, I always use my bike to get around.

Also the prices in Zagreb are much more convenient comparing to most of the European cities and that’s a very important point for a student, and a student can find a job easily through the student service office which is very well organized and convenient.

Zagreb and Croatia in general is a very interesting touristic attraction so you can always find interesting stuff to do in your free time. What is more beautiful than Zagreb are the people of Zagreb. People are always very helpful even if they do not speak English they will do their best to help you or even have a small conversation with you and that is very remarkable, friendly, decent, so chilled, well educated, almost everybody speaks English, just amazing.


Zagreb is full of hidden gems, try to find them.


Choose Zagreb for your study abroad destination! You won’t regret it J