Study in Croatia!

Alkmini Kaisaridou

Alkmini Kaisaridou is a 22 year old Psychology student from Greece. She came to Zagreb for Erasmus exchange in summer semester during which she was affiliated with the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences in Zagreb.

  1. Why did you choose to study in Croatia?

    On my first ESN meeting they asked me the same question and my answer was: “ I didn't choose Croatia, Croatia chose me“. Actually, my first option was Spain and the second Holland. I was pretty worried about which my third option should be, but then I talked with some friends and relatives who suggested that Croatia might also be a good option, as it is a beautiful country, close to our own cast of mind and not too far from Greece. Moreover, the facts that it’s not an expensive country and that the language required was English were two of the big pros of this country. So, I wouldn’t say that I had Croatia on mind from the beginning, but at the end I think I made a good choice - if not the best!
  2. Can you describe the study programme you took?

    I studied Psychologyat the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, University of Zagreb. Our programme was formed after conciliation with our professors. I had chosen five classes from Psychology Department: Personality, Psychology of language, History of Psychology, Intelligence and Social Psychology. I also chose one class from the Department of Phonetics which was called Speech and Movement and had lectures in English. In order to be able to give the final exams, each professor required either some assignments, presentations or seminars. I noticed that Croatian schools were pretty demanding both for Erasmus and Croatian students.
  3. Did you learn a little bit of Croatian language or catch any Croatian phrases? 

    I learned the basics, as how to greet and thank someone, the days of the week, some numbers etc. But I really enjoyed it and I would like to learn more. Volim te, Hrvatska!
  4. Can you describe the vibe of Zagreb city and Croatian student lifestyle?

    I was very happy seeing that Croatian people were very close to Greek mindset. Everyone I met was very friendly and willing to help. I was also surprised that so many people could speak good English. As a student, I enjoyed the nightlife very much. There were a lot of pubs full of youngsters, many clubs, parks where you can chill, many cool events etc. During the day, I liked the open markets of Zagreb very much as they were full of life. Especially on weekends, the center of Zagreb was full of people -finest dressed- drinking their coffees and enjoying the sun. I also like the restaurants of the city, the streets, the shops, almost everything! The city was very clean and one of the things I really miss is the fact that I was feeling safe in the whole city even during the night!
  5. What did you like about your studies in Croatia the most?

    The lecture from the Department of Phonetics was very interesting and our professor was really nice. Also, I enjoyed studying in the library of our Faculty. The two professors from the subject of Personality are some of the people I really liked and still remember. And last but not least - if this is also included in the student lifestyle - I really liked menza!
  6. What piece of advice would you like to share with new foreign students in Croatia?

    The best thing that happened to me and helped me to soak in the Croatian lifestyle was my local buddy. He showed me so many things, he gave me tips, he took me to many places and in general made my life easier and better in Zagreb. So, a good Croatian buddy is always a good idea!Also, just enjoy life, don’t study too much and travel around!