Study in Croatia!

Student cafeterias

The full-meal price in student cafeterias is around 20 Kuna or 3 EUR per meal.

All students entitled to subsidised meals by submitting the student card (iksica) can eat daily at student cafeterias (menza) at affordable prices.

Every month, a specific amount of money per student card is authorised for meals. This amount cannot be exceeded or accumulated over more than one month (the amount is restored each month regardless of the amount left over in the previous month). The status of the student card can be checked at the bottom of each receipt or on the University Computer Centre (SRCE) web page.

Students studying in Croatia privately (free-movers) or as part of a faculty-level exchange programme are not entitled to subsidised meals in student cafeterias and they have to pay the full meal price which is around 20 Kuna (approx. 2.50 EUR) per meal.

Student cafeterias are usually located at faculties and student resident halls. For more information on the whereabouts of student cafeterias, please consult the International Relations Office of the higher education institution you intend to apply to.