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Economic Clinic

The Economic Clinic should promote the idea of rational and independent problem solving

Basic Facts

  • OrganiserFaculty of Economics and Business
  • Organisation members: more then 40 students
  • Project background: founded in 2015., more than 50 solved cases, several workshops and events.



 To become a leading non-profit organization that raises economic and financial competences of society and individuals.

To encourage society and individuals in their work to become more competent, educated and market competitive.

To share knowledge and capabilities with others interested in economics and entrepreneurship.

To promote the idea of rational and independent problem solving when encountered with the different economic cycles and problems.

Economic clinic offers its free consulting services to interested individuals, start-ups, small companies and NGOs.

The listed clients can get free advices from the following fields:
- finance consulting (budgeting process, personal finance, money saving)

  • Loan informing (repayment plan, etc.)
  • General information about the economics
  • How to start a company
  • How to design business plan
  • How to design and implement marketing strategy
  • How to manage your team
  • Market analysis
  • SWOT analysis
  • Strategic planning
  • Funding your company/project

Students volunteering for Economic clinic have a chance to help the society in general and others who have new ideas, but are not confident enough to realize them. They have a chance to test the theories and see them evolve in the real surroundings, in other words an opportunity to use theoretical knowledge on a real life cases. Volunteers are not working alone – they have a support from college professors and other experts from the field of economics, business and finance.

Economic clinic also organizes free workshops and seminars for their volunteers (to offer them further education and a chance to connect with future employers and mentors) and also for entrepreneurs and citizens in general.

For more information, please visit the official website: Economic Clinic