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Case Study Competition

Case Study Competition is the leading regional competition in dealing with real business cases intended for students of different areas of interest. Students will get the opportunity to show their knowledge, ideas and opportunities to the best Croatian companies.

Case Study Competition is a student competition in solving real business cases of renowned companies in the region. The goal of the competition is to enable proactive students to demonstrate their knowledge and ideas and reach out to potential prospective employers. The competition is attended by a large number of students of various interest thanks to companies from different branches of industry and the thematic breadth of their business cases.

The contest is submitted by filling out the form available on the official website of the project:

Each student can handle two (2) cases in the same or different teams.

After the specified date as the last entry for applications, applications will no longer be possible and will not be considered.

The first three business case solutions each company rewards with cash prizes worth of:

  • 1st place – 10.000,00 HRK
  • - 5.000,00 HRK
  • - 3.000,00 HRK

With cash prizes, students can also win non-cash prizes such as internships, internships, additional education, seminars and the like.