Study in Croatia!

Tests and exams

Exams are usually held at the end of each semester during the four-week examination session.

All higher education institutions in Croatia are required to end courses with preliminary examinations (kolokviji) or examinations (ispiti). Examinations are usually held at the end of each semester (February and June/July) during the four-week examination session.

Often study programmes in humanities and social sciences will have oral exams while technical sciences will have written exams. In all study programmes exams may consist of a written and oral examination.

Oral examinations are usually organised individually, but sometimes they are organised in such a way that a small group of students may answer questions at the same time. In a written examination a group of students receive one or several questions related to the subject area. The results of an examination or preliminary examination are given in the form of grades and are noted in the Student Transcript Book (“Indeks”) by a professor.

Additionally, some higher education institutions may continually assess their students through assignments such as monthly tests, short class tests, homework, papers, project and team work, etc.